Meet the world's newest, most sophisticated visual configuration and engineering automation platform. kBridge springs from decades of successful solution development. Knowledge Bridge enables organizations that create, sell, deliver, or install complex products to

  • cut the time and cost of configuration

  • navigate through engineering challenges automatically

  • increase quality

  • eliminate errors.

Check out kBridge below. If you're new to kBridge, we recommend that you take the self-guided Test Drive. It's the quickest way to understand how engineering-based visual configuration is done.

Want to understand what Knowledge Bridge is and how it works? Take a look at our Product Overview.

Take a self-guided test drive of a kBridge application. See for yourself how Visual Configuration works.

See the main features of Knowledge Bridge and learn about the benefits for your business.

Visual Configuration marries a powerful product configurator with a rich, web-based user experience that features our unique Snap-Drag™ capability.

Simple Configure-Price-Quote letting you down? Learn how EPQ (Engineer-Price-Quote) moves beyond common barriers.

Move your Engineer-to-Order (ETO) system past desktop boundaries with kBridge.

Move beyond the boundaries of your current sales structure by embedding engineering knowledge at the point of sale.

When a new order comes in is it met with dread because of the work involved? Turn it into a simpler, easier exercise with kBridge.

Explore new product design configurations that are compliant with rules and constraints – and informed by accurate costing data – thanks to kBridge.

Check out a few of the many examples of industries and applications that have benefited from engineering automation strategies.

Curious about how to write rules and capture engineering knowledge? Check out this page that includes video examples.

Companies with strategic investments in Autodesk's Inventor ETO platform can now future-proof them with Knowledge Bridge.

From strategic planning to team augmentation, we're here to help realize your vision, with minimum risk and maximum speed.

If you aren't yet convinced, we'd love to spend some time one-on-one to show you how kBridge works and talk about your company's ETO challenges.

Answers to the most common questions about Knowledge Bridge.

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