Getting Started

What browsers does Knowledge Bridge support?

Knowledge Bridge has been tested and validated for running in the following browsers:

  • Chrome v50 or higher
  • Firefox v50 or higher
  • MS Edge v44 or higher

Is my proprietary information and knowledge safe?

We're working on putting this information together. Please check back soon for an extensive explanation on the extraordinary safety built in to Knowledge Bridge.

What's the best way for me to learn Knowledge Bridge?

There are a couple of different approaches depending on your situation. The easiest, cheapest, and fastest way is to simply follow the extensive Self-Guided Training in the documentation. However, if you prefer a more formal, instructor-led course, we offer online and in-person courses on a regular basis. Please refer to the Training page.

Can I run a kBridge application on a smartphone?

On an iPad or iPhone, kBridge isn’t really working directly in iOS, it is running in the Safari browser, which is running on iOS. On Android devices, kBridge runs in the browser enviroinment. It will work fine there, but obviously none of the add-ins like Revit or Inventor will work directly on a mobile device. The kBridge rule authoring environment UI (Editor) depends in some places on having a mouse-right-click capability. Since many mobile devices don't support a mouse and don't have a good way to do a mouse-right-click, it would be hard to author rules using a mobile device. If you design your custom UI to not use a mouse-right-click, then the runtime UI can be run from a mobile device. However, the other consideration is the screen space. It is up to the rule author to design the custom UI to fit the screen of the device that the application runs on. There are tools in kBridge to help with that, but if the screen size is simply too small, there will be problems with the UI.


How do I contact support?

Directly in the kBridge Rule Editor environment. You select the envelope icon in the upper right hand corner and following the instructions.

Is there documentation for Knowledge Bridge?

Yes. Select the ? icon in the kBridge Editor:

  • ​​The documentation is divided into three sections: Concepts, Self-Guided Training, and Reference. Extensive search capabilities are built in.
  • In addition, Knowledge Bridge includes some basic example applications that show best practices.

Is there a charge for support?

If you have a kBridge subscription, support is available to you at any time. Response time is generally less than 24 hours and is often almost immediate. There is no charge for this service.

However, if your questions are around the structure and design of your application, you will be directed to our services team to discuss a paid services / consulting engagement.

What are the operating hours of the support team?

We have support staff working around the globe and around the clock nearly every day of the year, but global response time may vary. We strive to answer all inquiries within 24 business hours. Many inquiries are answered almost immediately.

In what languages is the support provided?

Our staff is principally English speaking. However, we have employees who speak the following languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Spanish

Is there chat available?

Yes. Select the envelope icon in the kBridge Editor. At the current time it is available only minimally.

Is phone support available?

Not unless you have a paid support agreement. Submit inquiries through the support system. E-mail us at

Account Settings

How do I change an email address for an account holder?

Via the Admin UI, available to your information system administrator.

How do I add more users to an account?

Contact us at

How do I cancel a user’s access?

All users and user access are managed by your group or account Admin.

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