​Who are we?

Our name, Engineering Intent, says it all: we focus on capturing and using the intent of the engineering that underpins great products.

Engineering is difficult, detail oriented, and often non-intuitive. We get this. (We like this!) Engineering Intent's focus is on making the true work of engineering easier.

We make it easier by improving the experience of your customers and employees by automating as much detail work as possible. This typically means automating the difficult, mundane, and time-consuming tasks.

  • By capturing and automatically applying physical laws.

  • By codifying company technical standards and engineering lore for re-use.

  • By rapidly shaping product design into automated technical sales.

  • By freeing up engineers to do more interesting and productive work.

  • By streamlining how your company interacts with your market.

We do this by designing, building, and tailoring very powerful software to the max.

Our technology originated in the early 1980s. Experience has illuminated best practices - practices that both speed and amplify the development of engineering automation solutions. And during these decades, the user base has evolved from super-rich mega-companies working on expensive in-house platforms to recent companies of every size deploying low-cost cloud computing.

Our clients rise in their respective markets by adopting this technology. They run past those who are stuck doing rote engineering over and over again. They supply designs and sales quotes in hours where others must consume weeks for lesser answers hacked out manually.

Our senior staff has been part of this technology from its earliest days. Our product development and services management teams all have deep experience in both engineering as well as system architecture and development.

We're headquartered in Boston but located around the world. Engineering insights don't know boundaries or time zones and we happily gather as much insight as possible from as many global corners as possible.

Our intent is to make your engineering knowledge as productive, effective, and profitable as it should be.

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